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1. Safe for the environment !

All natural and organic ingredients, that work great at keeping most insects and animals away, but not harm them or you. These natural ingredients only last for a few weeks to a few months, and leave no harmful residual ingredients that could hurt the environment.

2. Pleasant scent !

With all natural ingredients that are pleasant to smell, there are many reasons to use ESP-REPELLEMTM products inside the home, as well as outside. Use ESP-REPELLEMTM trash bags for parties, picnics, camping, hunting and fishing trips, while keeping thoses bothersome pests away from your daily activities.

3. Successful lab & field tests !

Our scented ESP-REPELLEMTM Additive Technology has been successfully tested using third party, Independent certified laboratories to verify and substantiate all our claims. Testing performed in controlled lab and in “real-world” field tests has proven that ESP-REPELLEMTM works to repel most insects and animals.

( All testing results are available upon request.)

4. Natural, Organic, Non-toxic and chemical free !

Most consumers purchase a national insect repellent brand without ever reading the label. Just a quick understanding of the ingredients used to keep pests away should scare you.

DEET, Permethrin, pyrethrin/pyrethroids, cypermethrin and imidacloprid are just a few of the many toxic chemicals typically used in many of the insect repellent products. Many people assume that because these chemicals used are so common, they must not be harmful, but U.S. EPA registration of a pesticide does not mean that it is safe. Some of these ingredients are known to be possible carcinogens, mutagens, teratogens, reproductive toxins, developmental neurotoxins, endocrine disrupters, and/or immune system toxins.

ESP-REPELLEMTM additive technology is only comprised of natural and organic essential oils, and other natural, plant-based ingredients that are 100% non-toxic and harmless to humans. In addition, all the ingredients we use fall under the GRAS(Generally Regarded As Safe) EPA guidelines Also, ECOsmartplastics represents that our ESP-REPELLEMTM additive and all products produced with it qualify for exemption from Federal EPA registration under the FIFRA(Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act) section 25(b) regulations,

5. Animals & Insects stay away !

ESP-REPELLEMTM is the answer to those pesky insects and animals that never go away. Insects such as mosquitos, flies, ants, bees, wasps, ticks, and many others always try to ruin your day with an annoying bite, or just a bothersome addition to the meal you are trying to enjoy, inside or out.

Have your pets ever tried to eat out of your trash? Have raccoons, squirrels, birds, cats, mice or other animals tried to rip apart your trash outside? Maybe other pests can’t stay away from your plants, flowers or vegetables in your garden?

ESP-REPELLEMTM scented additive was developed using all natural and organic ingredients just for the purpose of repeling insects and animals naturally, without harsh or toxic chemicals that might poison the environment or any living being.