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With over 12 years of tireless research and development, we’ve developed the most innovative combination of natural & safe ingredients that form the eco-friendly, biodegradable additive technology called ESP-BIOTM.

First, ESP-BIOTM natural biodegradable additive is a blend of natural ingredients, all of which fall under the FDA’s “GRAS” (generally regarded as safe) guidelines. With typical plastic bags lasting hundreds of years in our landfills, how could we still use plastic bags for our trash, shopping, and many other daily uses? Only if they are made biodegradable with some help. ESP-BIOTM is the only natural technology that can serve this purpose.

Other technologies currently claiming to be “green” must utilize environmental conditions, such as heat, light, moisture, oxygen or mechanical stress to break down plastics in a short period of time. Some technologies even use heavy metals as catalysts, which can seep into groundwater. If the plastics created with these other additives do not attain the required conditions, then they fail to degrade or biodegrade, therefore remaining unchanged and polluting our world. ESP-BIOTM requires none of those environmental conditions to completely biodegrade the plastics in a short period of time. Biodegradation timeframe will vary depending on the active microbial organisms in the soil or landfills.

Just to keep this in perspective, a twig that falls off a tree typically takes approximately 2 years to naturally biodegrade. Typical plastics take hundreds of years to biodegrade. ESP-BIOTM additive infused products have been proven to be landfill biodegradable and compostable in significantly less time than typical plastics, while also being structurally stable, for an infinite shelf life!

ESP-BIOTM only depends on the micro organisms living in a typical anaerobic(oxygen free) landfill environment. Some landfill organisms can be highly active and others less so, making an exact determination of time difficult, so the speed of biodegradability will vary.

ESP-BIOTM additive changes the plastic into an food source so the microbial living organizisms colonize on the plastic, and metabolize it into bio-mass and bio-gas.

Structurally, the plastics incorporating ESP-BIOTM biodegradable additive will have all the same properties of typical plastics. Furthermore, only a small percentage of ESP-BIOTM is added to the extrusion process of any plastics, and will not alter the typical infinite shelf-life, until entering a landfill, compost bin, or the ocean. This makes ESP-BIOTM produced plastics 100% recyclable too!

Even “bio-based” plastics being touted today as eco-friendly do not biodegrade at all, but if our ESP-BIOOTM additive is combined with those resins, they can then be colonized too in typical landfills and biodegrade. That’s creating ESP-BIOTM 100% biodegradable plastics. That’s ECOsmartplastics!