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During a recent garbage strike, my neighbors, and I had our garbage out for days in hopes that they would be picked up. I am very happy to say that my REPELLEM garbage bags were the only ones that were not ripped apart by the raccoons and squirrels! –

Angela, Toronto, Canada

The bag had a strong scent at first, but by the morning, it was fine. Also, I packed a REPELLEM bag with garbage (some old cooked chicken from the fridge) and my dachshund would normally tear into the bag, but he didn’t go near the REPELLEM bag! I even left him alone in the garage with the bag of garbage on the floor and he didn’t touch it!!!! Wow!!! –

Terri, Houston, Texas

More companies should design environmentally friendly products like this. The REPELLEM bags make great use of natural products to keep away annoying bugs. I love these bags! –

Patrick, Seattle, Washington

I can’t believe how well this bag works. A neighbor told me about REPELLEM garbage bags and now that I’ve used them I’m sold! –

Frank, Brooklyn, New York

I’m so grateful for the invention of the REPELLEM bag. I’m embarrassed to say that I live in an apartment building with a cockroach problem but since I’ve started using REPELLEM garbage bags I’ve noticed a real difference in the number of roaches in my kitchen. I’ve begun to spread the word in my building about these bags because I think everyone needs to know how well they work when it comes to getting rid of pests.-

George, New York, New York

I live in an old house and mice have always been a problem. They would chew through my garbage bags no matter what I did until I started using the REPELLEM bags. Finally I don’t have to worry about unwanted mess spilling out the holes in my trash bags. Thanks REPELLEM!.-

Janet, Cincinnati, Ohio

I used to have a really bad fruit fly problem and finally I have found a product that eliminates those disgusting bugs from my kitchen. REPELLEM bags work well to keep bugs away and they also smell really nice! –

Terry-Lynn, San Francisco, California

As soon as I opened the REPELLEM Garbage Bag container I was astounded by the lovely smell of these bags. I was expecting a toxic odor but the REPELLEM bags actually smell more like bath products than bug spray! They’re amazing! –

Tammy, Boston, Massachusetts

I took a container of REPELLEM bags on my last camping trip and they worked wonders in keeping the bees and wasps away. I have a child who is extremely allergic to bee stings so it’s really great that a garbage bag like this has been invented. Instead of attracting the bugs, now our garbage scares them away. It’s genius! –

Lara, Burlington, Vermont

I liked the strength of the REPELLEM bags, didn’t mind the scent. I actually liked the scent in my kitchen.-


” Just wanted to let you know that your REPELLEM garbage bags were the only thing that seemed to work for us here at the Muttontown Club. We have several outdoor events during our summer season and have always struggled to keep flies away from our garbages. After using your bags the flies no longer swarmed the garbages and annoyed our guests. Thank you! “

Philip Schlitz, The MuttonTown Country Club, Long Island, NY


Good Quality – sturdy. Make the commitment to not polute – just don’t get them too wet, wrap your coffee grounds and stock bones in news paper then toss them in. So worth it to invest a bit more and not have that plastic crap around long after I am dust. Get em.

Brenda G

I have been using these bags for years and find them to be sturdy enough for our regular kitchen trash but also our recyclables which can get quite heavy. They will rip at the top as you’re pulling the bag out of the container if the load is too heavy but I haven’t had one burst on me yet.


My main worry with biodegradable bags is that they will be too thin-skinned to hold the odd sharp thing that I need to toss. NO problems with these bags. If you’re trying to do the right thing but still want a good product, I can recommend these.

S. Price

been buying this brand for years. no tears even when the bag is heavy with compost

R. Mitra

It’s difficult to find 13 gallon biodegradable bags and these are really nice for a good price.

Susan E

These are great! Sturdy & hold up just as well as regular bags. No reason to ever buy another wasteful plastic bag again.

E. Gray

I love the scent and the durability. My kitchen always smells great and my fruit flies are gone. This is a fantastic product! –

Melanie, San Luis Obispo, California

Durable, dependable, ECOsmartbags, plus, these do not need sunlight: no matter where they end up, they will biodegrade. And a bargain with a bulk order! –

Julie, Boca Raton, Florida

Love these ECOsmartbags! They don’t fall apart. I have caried full, heavy bags down the stair and across the parking lot to the dumpster without them breaking or leaking.

Christine, Rice Lake, Wisconsin