Our ESP-REPELLEM Additive Technology® works unlike any other existing Natural Scent. Whether used in our Trash Bags, Dog Poop Bags, or our new products coming in 2013-2014 -  (Tablecoths, Tent Mats, Tent Liners, Wristbands, Roll-on-Stick, Pouches and Pellets), most insects and animals just do not like it!

 If you want to keep the dogs, cats, raccoons, birds, mice, flies,spiders, mosquitoes, ants, cockroaches, wasps, bees and many other nuisance insects and animals away, our ESP-REPELLEM® line up of products will do the job! Whether inside or outside homes, businesses, special events, picnics, parties, camping, boating, fishing or hunting trips, everyone will enjoy a pest free environment!

Since ESP-REPELLEM Additive Technology® products use All Natural Ingredients and can be recycled, consumers will appreciate how they work and how environmentally friendly the products are. The fresh scent actually smells pleasant, but the pests just don't like it! Also, since insects and animals do not see the color red, many of our products use this color to avoid any visual attraction.

Ecosmartplastics™ new, unique ESP-REPELLEM Addditive Technology® is an innovative, exciting, and breakthrough development, greatly benefiting anyone who would appreciate a pest-free environment!

Our scented ESP-REPELLEM Additive Technology® has been successfully tested using F-Squared Independent Laboratories to verify and substantiate all our claims in controlled lab and in "real-world" Field Tests(conducted in Washington DC and Maryland).

ESP-REPELLEM® products are environmentally friendly, natural and non-toxic.  ESP-REPELLEM™ Trash bags are 2-3 times thicker and stronger than typical supermarket bags. In addition, all ESP-REPELLEM products are produced in the USA !

ESP-REPELLEM products provide a Natural solution for anyone who wishes those pesky insects and annoying animals would just stay away!

Ecosmartplastics will custom manufacture most of our producs for customers looking for a unique size, thickness, or color to suit their particular needs.                

Please contact us to discuss your individual corporate needs.

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